Vanessa Bentley was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Being first generation with her parents from Mexico, she was raised on the American dream of being told anything is possible, if you work hard for it. She had a fascination with the fine arts, and since her youth was supported by her family to pursue a career as an artist. At the age of eighteen Vanessa went to Make Up Designory School in Burbank CA. She then worked in both print and film, and spent her early twenties assisting countless professionals in the industry to network and build her skill set. At the age of twenty-three, Vanessa had worked her way up to be a make up department head and built enough credits and work to become an IATSE Local 706 Make Up Artist union member. Having done commercial work for companies such as Guitar Center, Roland, Hulu, Dunkin Donuts, Groupon and more, her work is seen worldwide through television and marketing ads. Seeking to expand her passion and incorporate both the fine arts and make up artistry, Vanessa branched out of working only in film, to work on creative projects for print creating abstract body paints and make-up looks making the entire human body a full canvas. Her art background helped with her career as a professional makeup artist, using her knowledge to collaborate both skills and help with special effects and prosthetic work. Vanessa currently lives in Los Angeles, working in the film industry and also print work


Facebook: Vanessa Bentley (Vunny)

Instagram: vunnnyyy


Phone: (661)341-0031